Using the 3 inch sewer hose is a hassle and a half. After a trip to Boone, N.C. and having the sewer connection higher than my outlet convinced us there had to be a better way. After doing some research and reading testimonials. We purchased a Clean Dump System. My son and I installed it in about two hours on my new 5th wheel. It was a breeze to install. And it works like a charm. Never again will I rassle a sewer hose of old. I’m a convert. Really nice to actually see an item that works as advertised and easy to install.

Thanks for a great product!!!

Delbert and Shirley

About 8 years ago, I drove my motor home to Arizona for the winter. I parked in an R.V. Park and got all the assorted accessories out to support the 3″ sewage drain hose. Sometimes I’d just get all set up and the park maintenance man would request that we remove it all so the grass could be mowed. I’d tear it all down and set it up again.

When my wife said “THE TANKS ARE FULL!”, I’d put on my rubber gloves, pull out the smelly 3″ hose, open the dumpsite plug and connect the hose. Then I’d unscrew the R.V. sewer outlet cover and attempt to catch the fecal matter in the hose; which is quite a challenge!! The smell was horrible!!

If the dumpsite was higher than some, I’d have to milk the 3″ sewer hose to get the sewage to drain into the dumpsite; which took forever! The hose had to be disconnected, washed (flowing sewage all over the ground) to be carried into my R.V. on my shoes.

I came home to Washington State and decided that I would not travel with that system again! I went into my shop and after a few days, I created the CLEAN DUMP SYSTEM. CLEAN DUMP WAS BORN!!!!

Now when I travel, I don’t have to wear rubber gloves. I open the compartment door, pull out the nozzle and the 1″ hose, place it in the dumpsite-flick the switch, pull the black water valve-rinse with the gray water. In five minutes I can empty 110 gallons-never have to “milk” the sewage hose and the system is all reeled into the compartment out of the way of the maintenance people when I am finished. Less water is used-less time is taken.

I have used my unit for 7 years now and I’ll never go back to the old way of dumping my R.V. sewage tanks. I no longer mind my wife saying, “THE TANKS ARE FULL!

Ronald B. Anderson
Inventor of CLEAN DUMP

I was so tired of doing the dirty work and replacing sewer hoses all of the time when I came across the Clean Dump. I read all of the reviews, did some research and then asked some questions of the fine people at Clean Dump. Tony responded to my multiple questions immediately so I bought the permanantly installed system. It installed easily, looks neat in the compartment, and works like a charm as advertised! I used it right away at home, dumping into my own sewer vent which was great! We then went for a weekend and used it at the campgound at our E/W/S site and it worked perfectly. If anyone dislikes the dirty job of sewer dumping, invest the money. You won’t be sorry. And you’ll never look like Robin Williams in the movie “RV”. Go buy this system today. BTW, it only took 2 days to get to me via standard delivery!

Russ Burke

I purchased this system last year and my husband told me we didn’t need it and asked why was I wasting money. I told him it looked easier and more sanitary than the old way and so purchased it and had it installed. We used it the remainder of last year and now into this year. This past weekend as we were leaving the campground my husband had to admit that he now loves it and said he wouldn’t want to have to dump any other way. He said he was grateful to have such a wise wife that knew a good product when she saw it.

Kathie Sweeney

OH, THANK YOU! About a year ago I bought a new coach and it came with another brand of macerator system on it, while I liked the concept it never worked right and took forever to dump my tanks. One evening while in a park in Arizona I was next to a couple who had a Clean Dump system and they showed it to me and told us how great it worked. Well, by comparing the two systems sided by side, it was obvious the Clean Dump was a much better system and why it worked so much better than the one I had. About one month later my system was now five months old and the hose had failed and been repaired and then the pump burned up. That was all I needed, so I went and bought a Clean Dump. The difference is night and day and WE LOVE IT! I just don’t know why the manufacturer didn’t put the Clean Dump on to begin with.

Greg and Cheryl Moore
Everywhere USA

Last fall we purchased CLEAN DUMP. We left Vancouver in middle October, traveled many miles in five western States, and enjoyed our trip far more because of our CLEAN DUMP. It was so easy any woman could have the otherwise ‘nasty job’ pumped out, cleaned out, and put away.

John and Vada Slabic

What’s in a name? The name CLEAN DUMP tells it all. The cleanest way possible to dump your RV tanks!! My wife will even dump now with CLEAN DUMP, and helps without being asked! In my opinion this is the best available product on the market. No messy hoses to unhookand stow; it retracts into its own holder under the RV. Am I pleased with this product? ABSOLUTLY!! Plus we love to show it off to fellow RVers! Thanks for making life ‘on the road’ easier!

R. Gail and Ruth Bates
Scio, Oregon

Just a note to tell you that we are so pleased with your CLEAN DUMP product. Its much more sanitary and pleasant to use than anything else on the market today. We installed it ourselves and its worry free through out our travels and adapts nicely to all the parks facilities. Other R.V.ers are surprised at how quick and easy we can be in and out of the dump station. Thanks again for a great product! Sincerely,

Dean and Nancy Bradley

I had another macerator system factory installed on my new coach. After fulltiming for 6 months I was not satisfied with it\’s performance. I switched to the Clean Dump system. Now I can dump in half the time with a more reliable system. Thanks Clean Dump!

David Borden
Livingston, TX