1.) What are the benefits of a Clean Dump macerator system?

It’s clean, fast, never use a 3” sewer hose again, dump at home, pump up hill and secure connections. These systems require no additional water to operate.

2.) How do I know which system to purchase?

The CDPU permanent system is typically for motor home applications where you have a cabinet to mount the pump but can also be used on 5 th wheels, class C’s and travel trailers. The CDTO portable system is designed for any RV with an external dump outlet and no cabinet. For more information on how to mount a permanent system on something other than a class A motor home contact us directly for technical support before purchase.

3.) How far can I pump in distance?

150ft in distance comfortably, while you can stretch that some just remember you must maintain 1” ID hose or pipe and the pumps have a recommended duty cycle of 12 minutes but don’t shut off automatically. So when going long distances if you’re not done dumping in 12 minutes shut the pump off and let it cool down for 10 – 12 minutes then resume dumping, this will be helpful to the longevity of your pump.

4.) How much elevation will it pump?

20 ft in elevation

5.) Can I use a garden hose?

No! This is one of the most common mistakes people make, while it will pump through a garden hose when calculating flow rates ¾” to 1” is not 25% it is 50% less flow so you will take 50% longer and get pump hotter than recommended.

6.) How do I attach the extension hose?

The extension hoses have male and female ends on them and just screw together like garden hoses but they are all 1” ID. On the CDPU permanent system just unscrew the white valve and attach the extension hose and re-attach the vale on the end of your last extension hose. On the CDTO portable you can do that also or since the hose unscrews off the pump you can attach it there.

7.) How much clearance do I need on my motor home to install a permanent system?

From the bottom of your termination outlet where you hook up the 3” sewer hose if it is pointing straight down to the floor of the cabinet and doesn’t swivel you need 4” of clearance. If it is at any kind of angle or swivels it won’t matter.

8.) Why do I want a permanent system?

Both systems do the same things but with a permanent system you never take off the discharge hose from pump and only handle the valve on the end of the hose. This just makes it really an easy clean system.

9.) Why don’t I want to use a portable for a permanent installation?

Besides the benefit answered above in question 8, most motor homes don’t have enough room in the sewer cabinet for a portable to mount directly off the dump outlet and you don’t want an 8lb pump hanging off you plumbing go down the road. When you mount a permanent system the pumps screws to floor or side wall and makes the connection with a short piece of 3” rubber hose so there is no weight on you plumbing.

10.) Can I drain my gray water without running the pump?

No! You need a gray water bypass kit sold separately

11.) Is there a gray water bypass?

Yes! We make a gray water bypass kit that will allow you to let your gray water free flow by gravity when parked for extended amount of time. Remember though the manufacturer designed both tanks to be filled then emptied so they get cleaned out properly. Even a gray water tank will build up a pyramid of sludge if left open all the time. If you are using a gray water bypass remember to allow your gray tank to fill up once a week or at least every other week. Always shut it off prior to dumping the black tank so you have some gray water on board to rinse the system out with after you dump the black tank.

12.) What type of power source do I need?

The pumps are a 12volt 16 amp pump and both kits come with complete wiring kits. Because they are 16 amp pumps you must get power from a main power source, either right off the battery or from the 12 volt panel. You can’t pull power from the nearest 12 volt source like bay light or water pump circuit, this is one of the most common mistakes people make.

13.) How long does it take to empty my tanks?

With a 20ft hose and wired correctly you should be able to dump 150 gallons of waste in about 5 ½ minutes.

14.) Can I install a permanent system on my 5 th wheel?

Yes! Using the CDPU permanent system and our CDTB bracket you can. Contact us directly and we can explain how simple it can be done. Because most of the dump outlets on 5 th wheels are in front of the axles most of the time you will have 20-30ft of 3” gravity hose out to dump, a permanent mount system will eliminate that and free up a lot of valuable storage space.

15.) What adapters come with the system for hook ups?

Both systems come with all adapters to hook up to 3”, 4”,5” and smooth pipes without threads

16.) What about long hair?

If someone has long hair or you bath pets in the RV over time you can get a build up hair around the metal chopper blade in pump. While it’s not difficult to clean it can be avoided by purchasing an additional strainer for your shower drain that just lays over the top of the one already there. This will catch all the hair so it doesn’t go down the drain and wind up in the macerator pump

17.) What should I not put down my toilet?

Feminine hygiene products, Tucks wipes or the wipes you pull out of a tube

18.) Can I run the pump dry?

The pumps come with a run dry feature to guard against damge, but like any pump with a rubber impeller you want to avoid long periods of over 30 seconds running dry

19.) What about winterizing my pump?

If you are going to store your RV in a cold climate below freezing pump your tanks empty and run the pump dry for just a short while (10 seconds). You may want to put some RV pipe antifreeze down the sink and fill the pump with that for the winter.

20.) Is there a rebuild kit?

Yes! Very inexpensive and easy to install, it is a replacement rubber impeller and a set of gaskets.