All Hoses are 1″ inside diameter to allow proper flow, and carry a 3 year warranty.

Permanently Installed Macerator System

Comes with Flojet 18550 Macerator pump, 20 ft. discharge hose with drip proof valve, wiring kit, all adapters needed for hookup, dump valve fitting and all clamps.

Model CDPU: $459.00


Twist on Portable Macerator System

Complete portable macerator system, comes with Flojet 18555 macerator pump, 10 ft. discharge hose with drip proof valve and all adapters, 20 ft. power cord with battery clips, requires no tools to install and use. Compatible for all Clean Dump extension hoses

Model CDTO: $459.00





20 ft Discharge Hose with 3″ and 4″ Adapters

Model CDHV-20: $93.00


Extension Hose, 20 ft.

Model CDH-20: $83.00


Extension Hose, 10 ft.

Model CDH-10: $58.00


Flowjet Portable Waste Kit

Includes one 3/4 in. garden hose to one adapter, 20 ft. 1 in. ID smooth wall discharge hose, adapters for 3 in. and 4 in. sewer outlets, compatible with all clean dump extension hoses.

Model CDFK: $119.00


Grey Water ByPass for use with model CDPU

Model CDDK: $34.95


Soft Extension Hose

Light duty 50 ft. 1 in. roll flat vinyl hose with male and female ends. Compatible with all clean dump extension hoses.

Model CDCH: $115.00


Adapter for Flojet 18555 Macerator

Fitting is designed for the macerator user who has chosen a Flojet Portable Waste Kit. Fitting converts 3/4″ garden hose thread on pump to 1″ pipe thread on Clean Dump hose and will increase flow rate by 40% and won’t run pump dry.

Model CDFJ: $16.00


Drip Proof Shut Off Valve

This is a durable drip proof 1″ PVC ball valve with a 3″ and 4” sewer cap that rotates for easy hook up to any sewer receptacle and is designed to be used with Clean Dump macerator hose models CDH-10 and CDH-20.

Model CDV1: $33.00