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Installation Instructions—Clean Dump Permanent Unit

Watch the video or follow the easy step by step instructions below

Step #1

Locate the house battery on RV and disconnect power. using part( C )the 10 ga wire and part( L) battery connectors make a good secure connection to battery cables and run wire back to macerator mounting location at black and gray water sewer outlet

Step #2

Install part (D) in line 20 amp fuse in positive side of 10 ga wire at an easily accessible location if fuse needs to be checked in future. Note: (the fuse should be placed between the battery and the macerator) See wiring diagram

Step #3

Install Part B 20 amp switch at desired location. Note: (this should be close to macerator ) Negative wire will run from ground side of battery to one pole on switch and then using Part(K) 6 ft piece of 10 ga single wire to ground side of macerator. Note: you will make part (K) from the 20ft piece of 10ga wire supplied.( Safety) : do not have macerator powered while completing installation. See wiring diagram

Step #4

Install Part (A) Flo-Jet macerator in compartment with sewer outlet for motor homes and under frame for travel trailer and fifth wheel applications. When installing macerator be aware material from sewer outlet must be able to flow to pump with gravity feed. Level or a slope to macerator is fine do not mount macerator above outlet. There is 4 screws supplied with macerator to accomplish this.

Step #5

Install Part (N) the 2ft piece of 3” flexible connection hose using part (J) heavy duty hose clamp at the macerator and part (O) the white coil filler material and part (P) 3” clamp on part (F) the 45 degree clear connector that hooks to sewer outlet. Note: Make sure and get a good snug fit and secure locking nuts on clamp, you will only use as much of the 3” hose as needed to make connection from macerator to fitting.

Step #6

Install Part (E) 20ft 1” blue discharge hose to macerator using part (G) 1” hose clamp. Note: If your compartment is not large enough for storage of hose simply drill a 1/1/2” hole from compartment that macerator is mounted to nearest compartment that will hold hose. Remember once the material is in the macerator it is now under pressure and requires no more gravity. This is also true for 5th wheels and trailer installs just plumb the hose to the compartment you wish to store hose in. Keep in mind you want to keep hose on same side of unit as switch and macerator.

Step #7

Now that everything is hooked up you can complete hooking up the power to macerator using part (M) 10ga wire connectors. See wiring diagram.

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